Freak storm during a roof replacement = ceiling water damage


Our business exists to solve problems. Sometimes the problems we solve are for homeowners; sometimes we solve them for for other contractors.

In this story about correcting ceiling water damage for a roofing contractor, we got to do both!

water damage during a roof repair
What happens when a roof repair is interrupted by a freak storm

A few years ago we were contacted by a roofing contractor who was in a panic. It seems that just when he was in the middle of replacing the roof for a home in Philadelphia, a freak storm with tons of rain and gale force winds blew into town. It was a “freak” storm because the weather report indicated clear skies for the region that day. The home was at its most vulnerable because the contractor had just removed all the old shingles. And, because the storm came up so quickly, the contractor didn’t have time to tarp the roof completely before the storm.
Gallons of rain water landed in the homeowner’s attic. On the surface, it didn’t look too bad. . . .
water damage under tarp causing ceiling water damage below
This is what we found underneath the roofing tarp

But when the tarp and wet insulation were removed, the full extent of the damage to the attic was apparent.
And the storm water, being water, traveled from the attic and soaked through the wall board.
All the second floor bedrooms had ceiling water damage!
Roof repair caused ceiling water damage
Moisture readings showed where all that storm water from the attic went – into the bedroom ceilings

What’s interesting is that this roofer – and his insurance company – were able to save thousands of dollars by contacting us.

The contractor was worried that the damage would require extensive demolition and repair.
But, because he called us as soon as the storm had passed, we were able to begin the drying process immediately.
We dried everything in place!
And, because of our ability to do accurate moisture mapping, we were able to ease the worry of the homeowner about the potential for mold growth. Mold can’t grow when there’s no moisture.

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