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Rick Plum
Rick Plum
Crew came out immediately. They were very professional, fast & efficient. They dried out my bathrooms, cleaned up the mold, and left my house clean. All the crew were friendly and knowledgeable. I would use them again without hesitation.
Peter McAteer
Peter McAteer
PuroClean assisted me with two water leaks in my basement. They were amazing! Very professional and respectful of property. They communicated throughout the process and did a fantastic job. Would 100% recommend.
Cecilia Mizin
Cecilia Mizin
We reached out to PUROCLEAN due to water damage caused by our old dishwasher. They came, assessed the problem and took care of the water damage. The whole process was stress free and they're always working with our crazy schedules. They are thorough and professional and just really good human beings. We are VERY VERY happy with their customer service and the overall service we received from them. Amazing communication with them. ALSO, it's the SAME people who came to our house and I thought that was crucial in building trust and really good rapport with them. As a customer, I really value that. SO THANK YOU, Kate, Mike and Mike!!
Jo Ann Randolph
Jo Ann Randolph
What a wonderful company. I highly recommend PuroClean, they are the nicest people in the world, very caring and they do an amazing job locating your issues and keeping you calm. I had water coming into my bedroom. PuroClean's Mike & Stacy did a tremendous job finding my leak I also needed to get a plumber immediately because the leak was leaking onto an electrical outlet what was awful to me could have been much worse. Mike & Stacy kept me calm and laughing. I love PuroClean and how they are so wonderful. Thank you Harry, Rick, Mike & Stacy
Sean Fischer
Sean Fischer
We contracted the company to do extensive cleaning for properties inherited. They were on time, communicated frequently and went above and beyond what we had asked for. Highly recommend.
Tina Salvato
Tina Salvato
I absolutely recommend this company! Harry was extremely helpful and professional in assisting me with a very stressful cleanup job. He gave invaluable advice, was kind and compassionate, and he took the time to share his knowledge and walk me through every step of the process. He truly cares about helping his customers and is the type of person who will do his best on any job.
Rob Henry
Rob Henry
Rocco, kevin, and frankie, were nothing but professional, immediately putting our minds at ease. They were very prompt on their return visits.Took care of the water issue and got us back to normal. I would recommend this company to any and all i know.

Heather T. 09/18/2015

On a Friday at 4pm I discovered our sewer pump failed and was leaking all over the carpeted floor. I called PuroClean at 5pm and two knowledgable, friendly and professional employees were at our home by 5:30 and all done cleaning up by 8:30. They made a stressful situation seem easy. No mess. Very professional and helpful. I wouldn’t use anyone else.

Charles H 07/23/2014

When a pipe burst in my home Puroclean came to the rescue. The people they brought were extremely professional and went the extra mile to ensure my needs were met. The team even kept a drying machine on my floors for extra time to ensure that the floors didn’t bow. They were also quick to answer any questions or address any issues I had during clean-up which was a great relief. I would highly recommend this company to anyone who suffers damage to their home.

Pat Frozzitta. 03/12/2014

When a pipe burst in my home Puroclean came to the rescue. The people they brought were extremely professional and went the extra mile to ensure my needs were met. The team even kept a drying machine on my floors for extra time to ensure that the floors didn’t bow. They were also quick to answer any questions or address any issues I had during clean-up which was a great relief. I would highly recommend this company to anyone who suffers damage to their home.

Jane White 11/12/2013

After the split hot water heater flooded the basement, we spent two days trying to clean up the water and up clean the rug. It still was wet and by now smelled. Our insurance agent recommended PuroClean. They came right away and dried the basement, removed wet wallboard and insulation, and treated any mold. It was such a relief to have it taken care of by a professional. When it was dry, they came and vacuumed everything, treated the rugs, and steamed cleaned them. Everyone was so professional and friendly. They did a great job!

F. McQuillan 10/19/2013

I would highly recommend Harry Allcroft from Puro Clean Emergency Recovery Service for his integrity and Professionalism.

M. Long 09/25/2013

PuroClean went above and beyond our highest expectations … and when it comes to our home … we have very high expectations. Very prompt and professional service … during and after the circumstance. I would highly recommend this company for any of your emergency needs.

R. Bruce Tuttle, Painting Solutions, Inc 856-912-5986 09/13/2013

Kristine and Harry do a good job managing their business of clean-up after calamity. I had heard of the job they did from many in my networking group, and then experienced it myself on a roof leak that ruined some insulation and surfaces. They tore out all the insulation since it was compromised, thoroughly dried the area, then cleaned and (to my amazement) painted white the attic roofing plywood so the mold would not come back; and they did not rush the job/cut corners. After a week, they had my problem solved so the sale of the property could go forward as planned. Very dependable, knowledgeable, dedicated and just nice people.

Sandra C. 09/18/2013

Three weeks ago, we had fire damage and smoke damage to our living room from a small candle fire which burned a plastic plate. Luckily, PuroClean Emergency Recovery services was called in to do the fire cleanup and smoke cleanup. They arrived within two hours, looked professional talked us through the emergency cleanup, the soot damage (from the plate) and not to mention the water damage we caused trying to put out the fire. Within a few days, the damage cleanup was completed and we were back to normal. So we thought. Three days ago, we had a sewage backup (what a smell!) and needed an emergency cleanup. We called PuroClean and they were to our house once again. They got rid of the backup junk and smell! Incredible body of work. We were so pleased with the services that I wanted to folks know there are still good people doing good work in the Philadelphia area. Call them, you will not regret it!! We haven’t and our house smells normal again!! Thank you Harry and crew!!

Lillian C. 09/18/2013

PuroClean Emergency Recovery Services was courteous, professional, explained the process and respected both my property as well as my family. They were always on time throughout the process.

Heather T. 09/05/2013

My husband and I were not home when our water heater ruptured. The rest of our family was, along with my mother-in-law. It was late on a Saturday night, and my oldest daughter found the water. Harry was there in no time, and did not leave until very early the next morning. He also returned the next afternoon to check on things. And returned many times over the next few days. He even offered to help catalog our ruined personal property. Had He not been there, I'm not sure what we would have done. Thank you again Harry. You’re the best!

Andee S. 08/14/2013

Harry does an exceptional job. An emergency situation is extremely stressful. Harry takes control of the situation and allows you to feel that everything will be ok. We have many issues in our building and Harry has handled all of our emergencies when they arrive in an orderly and efficient manner. As a property manager I look for contractors that I can trust to handle our building.

Charles J. Collins, Jr.- Architect Architect & Planner – N.J. Certificate No. C-7039 Medford, New Jersey 609-654-2329; Fax: 609-654-2329

Puroclean Emergency Recovery Services is the epitome of their slogan “ the Paramedics of Property Damage. The team at Puroclean is quick to respond to any disaster and turn that frown upside down. Their personable business model makes the other disaster recovery groups look like amateurs.

Stanley Yansick -Owner, Home Inspection Technologies

I own my own service related business and have recommended Harry’s company PuroClean Emergency Recovery Services many times to my clients. First I know that Harry and his company are honest. There are many competitors of Harry’s that I would not recommend -it is easy for other companies to take advantage of my clients. I can not afford to have my relationship with my clients damaged as they could be future clients again. PuroClean Emergency Recovery Services does great work and they stand behind their work. If there is a problem I know for a fact that someone will be out to check it out and remedy the problem. I would highly recommend Harry’s company to anyone.

John Rath Homeowner, Businessowner Safeguard

I recently hired PuroClean Emergency Recovery Services to clean up water damage that occurred in my finished basement. From the very first call all the way though to the problem being fixed, PuroClean was there for me every step of the way. They were professional, efficient and did a fantastic job in fixing my problem. I would highly recommend them to anyone who has an issue with damage to their home or business!

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