Water Damage in a Center City Philadelphia Insurance Office

Center City Philadelphia insurance agents office category 3 water damage
Category 3 water damage

Sewage backup in an insurance agent’s office

What do you do when you’re:

    • an insurance agent in Center City Philadelphia
    • you arrive to work in your office after a long holiday weekend
    • and green water is filling your basement?
category 3 water damage: sewage backup in a Center City Philadelphia office
When sewage backs up into your Center City Philadelphia office building on a holiday weekend, you call the experts you know you can trust!

You call PuroClean Emergency Recovery Services of course! 877-750-7876

Lucky for this insurance agent they knew us and had our phone number programmed into their cell phone.
We arrived in less than an hour and helped this agent reduce the damage of the loss by getting this basement pumped out, dried, and sanitized fast! -so no mold could grow.

Our business exists to solve problems . . .
Sometimes it’s for homeowners in the Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey region . ..
Sometimes it’s for business owners – including insurance agents!

When you need category 3 water damage restoration, fire, mold or biohazard clean up it is our honor and a privilege to be called by insurance agents in our Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey region to help them solve problems with commercial property damage!