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When toxic mold growth threatens the health of your employees or family, we can remove the threat and improve the air quality and the safety and health of the occupants

Mold After New Construction: The Concrete Conundrum

  [one_half_last]Concrete is a most amazing building material! Measured by tonnage, it’s the most common man-made building material used in construction today. Invented by the ancient Romans, concrete was used to create buildings throughout the Roman Empire – even in the Colosseum and the dome of the Pantheon. Construction concrete is an aggregate of materials…
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How To Prevent Mold After Construction: 2 Tips

  Let’s say you’re a homeowner. And let’s say due to the volatility in the stock market you’ve decided to take your investment money out of the market and build an addition to your home. You contact an architect, then get 3 quotes for the new construction. You choose the lowest bid thinking you’ll get…
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Post Construction Mold Is A Growing Problem

Post construction mold growth is more common than you think! Our story begins 2 years ago with a happy couple who had saved for a long time to build the home of their dreams in Southern New Jersey. They contacted an architect who drew up the designs. Then they contacted a contractor and made a…
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The Most Frequently Asked Question About Mold Removal

The number one question about mold removal we get on a daily basis is: Why can’t I just remove the mold myself? The answer is, you can. But a better question is, do you really want to risk it? There is so much information on the web these days on various “how to” sites about…
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