Grill Fires: How to avoid becoming a statistic this summer

Grill Fires: How to avoid becoming a statistic this summer


Happy Memorial Day!  A time for celebration . . . and a time of remembrance . . .

But, this holiday also marks one of the times according to the National Fire Prevention Association when home fires increase.

It makes sense.
Grills stored for the winter are now finally being put into service again.
And, some of them haven’t weathered winter’s storms very well. As a result, they’re in pretty rough shape.
So before you light the fire, consider the risks. Take steps now to prevent home fire damage from grill fires.

unintended consequences of grill fires
Fire damage from grill fire in Sewell New Jersey

In a previous post, we discussed the 4 steps every homeowner can take to prevent grill fire damage when firing up the “barby” for the first time this year.
The statistics haven’t changed much in the years since that post was written. And the tips for preventing fires from grills are still the same.
So, we decided to submit the information again – this time as a “quick view” slide share presentation.
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So whether you decide to celebrate this wonderful holiday “down the shore” or at your back door, please take these tips with you so you can avoid becoming a statistic!

Memorial Day Remembrance
Please take the time this weekend to thank a Vet for their service

Please take some time this weekend to thank a Vet – whether retired or still on active duty. We owe them so much for their service!

For most people, Memorial Day weekend is about shopping sprees, sales, and barbecues. But this is also a holiday of remembrance.
In remembering our heroes, we honor the great sacrifices made for the dreams of every American.
May we never forget their strength, courage, and profound willingness to stand up and defend our way of life.
We hope this important holiday finds you and your family well and inspires you to reach for your dreams.
And dream of a future that’s safe for you and your loved ones.

And remember, PuroClean Emergency Recovery Services is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – even on holidays!

For all your property damage restoration needs including fire and smoke damage cleanup from grill fires, in the Greater Philadelphia, PA and Cherry Hill, NJ region,  for immediate assistance call 877-750-7876