Preventing Flooded Basements and Crawl Spaces

Heavy rains cause flooded basements and crawl spaces in our Greater Philadelphia and Cherry Hill area and the resulting water damage is no joke!
Repeated flooding in your basement and/or crawl space leads to the growth of toxic mold, termites, and thousands of dollars in structural damage.
So, along with fixing the grading on your property to channel water away from the foundation outside your home or business, preventing flooded basements and crawl spaces often includes installing drainage solutions on the inside too.
Here we’ve aggregated some of the top videos for installing – and maintaining – the most popular drainage solution for preventing flooded basements and crawl spaces of all time: sump pumps.

1. This Old House Video – “How to install a Sump Pump”

Once you’ve installed your sump pump, you need to maintain it so that it does the job you need it to do when storms cause heavy rains.
Experts recommend doing sump pump maintenance about every four months. Not sure what to do?
Here you go:

2. Simple Sump Pump Maintenance from Central Insurance

Of course there’s only one problem with sump pumps: they run on electricity.
Severe storms cause power outages – just when you need it most to run the sump pump!
So, if you don’t have a generator the best solution: Install a battery backup!
Here’s how:

3. This Old House Video – “How to install a battery operated back-up Sump Pump”

Battery operated sump pump back ups will give you protection from flooded basements and crawl spaces for about 6 to 8 hours.
But there’s another option to the traditional electric sump pumps: Water-powered sump pumps!
Water-powered sump pumps will run as long as there is water pressure. The only caveat: this system only works for homes connected to a municipal water supply, not a well pump.

4. This Old House Video – How to keep your basement from flooding

An added bonus: this video also discusses

  • Installing a whole-house water-leak detection system for alerting you when there’s a leak.

Of course, no system is ever 100% fool-proof! Heavy rains can overload even the best drainage system.

Water Damage happens! And when it does PuroClean Emergency Recovery Services can be there for you in 2 hours or less to help mitigate the damage

If you need help with flooded basements or crawl spaces after heavy rain, give us a call! 877-750-7876

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