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Preparedness Planning for Business

PuroClean Emergency Recovery Services - Strengthening the communities we serve by helping local businesses prepare

50% of businesses that sustain a loss of computer data or major catastrophic loss like flood, fire, or explosion, never re-open for business.
65% of small and medium sized businesses in our Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey region are located in areas susceptible to natural disasters.
While our region is not usually prone to tornadoes and hurricanes, recent weather patterns have indicated a shift for our region.
And, we have always had problems with flooding in the Delaware Valley.
Realizing that our economy rests on the strength of small and medium sized businesses to survive disasters, Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced the adoption of the final standards for the “Voluntary Private Sector Preparedness Accreditation and Certification Program,” or the PS-Prep program for short.
The PS Prep program encourages all small and medium businesses to create an Emergency Preparedness Plan.
By entering detailed information into a Business Preparedness Plan before an event occurs, you can minimize business interruption.
Because businesses that have a disaster preparedness plan, and implement it, typically have less damage, loss and downtime than those that do not.
To stay in business, it’s critical to plan for continuing operations if the worst happens and the main business premises are unusable due to disaster damage.

Preparedness planning for business includes:

  • a pre-identified site where the business can temporarily relocate
  • along with a means to retrieve data, including employee, customer and vendor records
  • that includes a method for operating effectively with a smaller staff of key individuals
  • and a signed Pre-Emergency Agreement with a highly credentialed, licensed and insured disaster recovery contractor like Puroclean Emergency Recovery Services

When you have an agreement with PuroClean Emergency Recovery Services and our number 877-750-7876 programmed into your cell phone, help is only a phone call away, should the worst happen.
PuroClean Emergency Recovery Services is your partner in preparedness planning!

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