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When toxic mold growth threatens the health of your employees or family, we can remove the threat and improve the air quality and the safety and health of the occupants

Expert Mold Remediation: No Time For Failure!

  A short time ago, we were contacted by a realtor who was trying to sell a property in a retirement community in Whiting, NJ. The seller had done his due diligence. Before putting the house on the market, he got a home inspection that included a mold test. The test revealed elevated mold spore counts. Knowing...
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Water damage clean up is best left to the experts!

Last week we were called out to do another site visit for a mold removal consultation. The walls of the finished basement of this beautiful home near Philadelphia were covered in many species of toxic mold. As the story unfolded, the homeowners had a flood in their basement last Spring that was caused by...
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You might have a mold problem if . . . . you have been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

  In a previous blog post, the answer to the question “you might have a mold problem if” was answered by visual evidence: mold and mushrooms growing in water damaged buildings that had not been dried and sanitized properly.
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